too much acid, it's never a bad thing

So last night when Krysten told me she was frying, I thought to myself. Hey now that's what I want to do tonight. So being spoiled by a rich friend, which I am at times, I called up Snots, overly excited I told him that I wanted to "SCORE AN ASSLOAD OF ACID AND HAVE A WICKED TIME!" So he being the good friend he is, made a bunch of calls, jesus it was trouble finding the shit, but about an hour, an hour and a half later, he calls me and tells me to get ready, I ask for what of course. He tells me to dress for cold weather. Strange boy, I think to myself, but listen to him anyways and bundle up as if I am going outside in the winter. He then proceeds to call me back and tell me to bring extra clothes with me. I now am fully curious as to what's going on, seeings as how he still hasn't told me, that yes, he indeed, did score us an entire ASSLOAD of acid. So he comes to get me. We sit quietly in the car, as he drives me out to god knows where. Finally he puts some music on, I tell you this was one of the those trips were you feel like something really big is about to happen, but you just can't tell what. All you know is you are on the verge of something huge. So we stop at this convenience store and we load up with snacks, and sodas and the like. I ask where we are going and he just laughs an evil laugh at me. Not worried, because I know he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me, I'm just really bored at this point. Well we stop at a rest station, there of course we proceed to do some acid. Get back in the car, we drive more. About an hour later, neither of us are frying, and we are no nearing our destination, which I have now determined is the beach, yes sweet ass, except we think the acid is bunk. So we do a bunch more. Go to the beach. Check into random hotel. Drop some more acid, and head down to the beach, well about the time we get down on the beach the acid starts kicking in. Now I realize why I was dressed for cold weather, and why I was bringing extra clothes, because crazy kids on acid at beach, only means one thing, chances are going swimming. Anyways long story shortened down a bit, it was the most fabulous acid trip I could have imagined. I made it back home this morning without having slept at all. I'm still a little fuct up from the acid, but not bad. My world changed entirely last night, as do most peoples when they are on hallucinogens. No really though, my life is entirely different, my old ways and life burned out with the sun when it came up. I don't feel spent, like I usually do, maybe I'm still just slightly over easy if you will. I feel like I should be writing a novel, but maybe I should really just be sleeping. I don't know, there's still acid left from yesterday. I wonder when snots gets off work. Magical adventure it was. I feel guilty and free all right now. Beauty. I'm off to shower or smoke or something.
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why? because even a lush can be stupid.

So I almost got arrested AGAIN the other night. I hear the charges would have been, trespassing, vandalism, destruction of property, and criminal mischief. I didn't even know fucking mischeif was a charge. How ridiculous is that. Lucky for me I didn't get arrested though. So the story as it goes, I was out with Snotface (and another who shall remain un named, as he is not as important to this story), and we were being hooligans, you know because thats what we do. Well we end up getting really drunk, do a little drugs, you know the usual. So we are really drunk and we end up in this school parking lot and suddenly this angry ass in a bmw is there and so are those fake cops; you know what I'm talking about the like MetroWatch or whatever the hell they are. They aren't cops, thats what I know. We are walking up and they're like "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" and we're like oh shit! Anyways long story short, Snots he gets mad at bmw guy for touching his car, and shouts, "stop touching my car asshole!" or something along those lines. The cops eventually ended up being called. It was a whole to do. Hahaha, anyways though we kept from getting arrested and I eventually made it home safely, somehow with a sign that says "parents and visitors only" which I still am not so sure where that sign came from. The cop though, he was a cool guy, he dropped the f bomb a times, which was when I knew I wasn't going to get in trouble, plus that and he as well as previous cop from birthday party, didn't ask for my ssn, which let me know that I wasn't getting taken in for my warrant. he did however ask me if I was a convicted felon. Um NO! Anyways that was the story, pieces of what I remember, and what snots has told me.
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Oh what a night

I spent the greater part of the evening tonight drinking with my lady, my loveliest of lovielies, my jillface. It was great! I haven't seen her in damn near a year, and I was amazed at the ease at which everything feel right back into place as if we had just seen each other yesterday. We were both so nervous about this reunion seeing as so much time has passesd, but i guess theere are just some freinds that no matter how mucxh time passes between the two of you, you jsut fall righrt back into place. I am going to be living wqith her too, which i know is juist going to be a fucking blast. God I am drunk. Hurray for the evuening. It was fuckin sick! and I dso mean sick like awesomew. Fuck yeah.
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I'm still waiting for you to fix what everyone else broke

So last night, late, late, last night, a good old friend of mine stopped by, this friend, I haven't seen him in what seems like forever. He is one of those people though, it doesn't matter how long you spend apart, as soon as you get together, everything falls right back into place, like as if you just hung out with them yesterday and everyday before that. He's back in town because his mom is sick. He hates it here too. He asked me to leave with him, and I should have said yes. He's going to be in town for the next couple of weeks though, so I have some time if I am going to decide to change my mind. He is one of those magical people that can make me feel better. I could almost go as far as to say that he is the human equivalent of heroin. It just makes you feel that good. Plus I have to love a friend that still uses the old school window routine, so that no one knows they are here but me. I remember this one time when he was sleeping in my bed with me and we had another window visitor and he freaked out thinking it was this kid who had threatened me and he jumped up and grabbed the first thing he could find and was prepared to attack. It's funny because it was just another friend of ours coming over because he was too drunk to go home, and even funnier that the first thing he grabbed that he thought was going to protect us, it was a plastic pink lawn flamingo. Yeah I'm sure that would have busted some skulls open. Oh boy!

I woke up this morning and thought the whole damn thing was a dream. I thought that it never happened. He called today though, so apparently it did. I wish this kid wasn't such a freakin cutie too. It almost makes me feel guilty hanging out with him. Not that I would cheat on my boyfriend with him, because I wouldn't. I wouldn't do that to Jer, and I wouldn't do that to Three, because well it just wouldn't be fair to either of them. I cherish the relationship that I have with both of them too much. Well I have to say I cherish the relationship with Three a lot more most of the time, but maybe it is because I have known him for nearly forever, or maybe it's because I so easily fall in love with people who are hardcore enough to pick my nose for me. He has really bad taste in music though. Really bad. It's funny because I don't even know how the two of us became friends, really we have nothing in common it seems, and usually kids like him seem to be scared of kids like me. Oh well it's all gravy right?

So I am hoping to hear back from the college soon to find out as to whether or not I was granted my independent over ride request. I really hope that I was, because I really need to get the fuck out of here. I need to start a life all my own, and go on to higher education, otherwise I am going to just talk about doing it and never get around to doing it because that is how I function. I need to go to idaho too. I want to go see my mom sometime soon too. I want to have a fondue party, because fondue is FUNdue. I feel like such a child today. Not like the normal fun loving type of child though, like the obnoxious troublemaker type. I need to go out and make some trouble, I crave it. I haven't done it lately and I need it. I also need cake.
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A love letter to my dearest

Oh my dearest, I love you like a fat kid loves cake, and since we are both members of the fat kid party, you know just how much that is. I love you even more than I love those commercials that we both love, you know the identity theft ones (which are fucking hilarious). I love you so much that I am actually thankful (though I do feel bad for you) for the boo boo you got that brought you back home to me early. I love you like I love rum, which since I think that I am a pirate is an awful lot. I love you as much if not more than I love getting super drunk on cheap whiskey and running around naked and oi'ing. We need to get together soon, for I haven't seen you in forever, and that makes me feel emo (which is a really awful feeling for an angry punk rocker like myself). I miss you like I missed Pistol Grip on my 19th birthday, and that was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. You are so dear to me, and the only girl I would let see me naked, which is a bonus for you, since we both know how freakin hot I am hehe. I think you are super sick (and I mean sick like awesome but not like you sit on men's faces and jack off hehe). I respect you more than a hardcore kid thinks I should respect their $600 outfit. I love you I love you I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

Love always,
Sarah your faithful skank

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So today was my first day of school... Well kinda. I had orientation today to go back to school and get my diploma. BORING. Other than that didn't do a whole hell of a lot today, bought tobacco (even though I should quit smoking), got my W2 form in the mail, played with my shit monger dog. Just another boring day in an otherwise boringly ordinary life.
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